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Hill 'N' Dale Newsletters:

2018 Summer Newsletter (PDF formet 256KB)

2018 Yearling Sales Newsletter (Word formet 262KB)

2015/2016 Newsletter (Word formet 257KB)

2015 Winter Newsletter (Word format 84KB)

2015 Fall Newsletter (PDF format 257KB)

2015 Spring Newsletter (Word format 85KB)

2014/15 Winter Newsletter (Word format 85KB)

Fall 2014 (Word format 93KB)

Spring 2014 (Word format 75KB)

Winter 2013/14 (Word format 76KB)

Fall 2013 (PDF format 255KB)

Spring 2013 (PDF format 249KB)

Winter 2012 (Word format 70KB)

Fall 2012 (Word format 69.5KB).

Summer 2012 (Word format 4.34MB).

Spring 2012 (Word format 73KB).

Fall/Winter 2011 (Word format 84KB).

Summer 2011 (Word format 87KB).

Spring 2011 (Word format 41KB).

Fall 2010 (Word format 41KB).

Summer 2010 (Word format 72KB).

Spring 2010 (Word format 79KB).

Winter 2010 (Word format 70KB).

Fall 2009 (Word format 74KB)

Summer 2009 (pdf format 653KB)

Spring 2009 (Word format 74KB)

Winter 2009 (Word format 77KB)

Fall 2008 (pdf format 207KB)

Summer 2008 (pdf format 81KB)

Spring 2008 (pdf format 80KB)

January 2008 (pdf format 65KB)

October 2007 (pdf format 76KB)

June 2007 (pdf format 59KB)

Summer 2007 (pdf format 58KB)

November 2006 (pdf format 85KB)

John Sikura Jr. & Willie Shoemaker.  Click to view larger image.

John Sikura Jr.  Click to view larger image.

Sir Bricker, 1970.  Click to view larger image.

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